IKEA Centres Russia’s “Change” Campaign wins gold at ICSC Solal Marketing Awards


IKEA Centres Russia’s marketing campaign “Change” received the prestigious Gold Award at the ICSC Europe’s Solal Marketing Awards recognising best retail marketing projects across Europe and South Africa.

The multifaceted “Change” campaign was rolled out across IKEA Centres Russia’s portfolio of 14 MEGA shopping centres with the aim to increase awareness among customers about conscious consumption and engage consumers in social responsible initiatives. Customers were invited to bring wearable used clothing in return for promotional offers and loyalty rewards redeemable at MEGA centres’ retailers.

IKEA Centres Russia started the campaign in 2015 by opening the collection points for clothing in all 14 MEGA centres located in 11 biggest cities in Russia. A total of 320,000 kg (705,480 pounds) of clothing was collected and all clothing then sent to charity organisations or recycled. Over 40 000 visitors took part in the campaign.

The media campaign for the project was supported by a TV advertisement in a “new to the Russian audience” ’mockumentary’ style — filmed as a parody home interview of a woman telling her story about getting rid of dresses she didn’t need.

Promotional campaign also included “The Academy of Change” — MEGA’s online project opened with support of Vlad Lisovets, a popular Russian stylist. The Academy of Change provided useful information about the style, fashion, and fashion trends and gave tips on refreshing the wardrobe. More than 13,500 people took part in online sessions of the Academy.

“We take part in the Solal Marketing Awards every year, and we are happy to receive gold for our ‘Change’ campaign this year. Last year our social-oriented projects ‘Colour Does Matter’ and ‘People didn’t Expect Presents’ received gold and silver respectively. We are pleased that our achievements in marketing have been recognised by the professional community again this year”, says Olga Shevtsova, Head of Sales and Commercial Development of IKEA Centres Russia.



About MEGA Shopping Centres:

IKEA Centres Russia, part of IKEA Group, has developed its chain of shopping centres under the brand name MEGA, throughout Russia. It provides circa 2 million sqm (22 million sqft) of retail space, and more than half its tenants are represented by international retailers. Each mall typically comprises around 130,000 sq.m (1.4 million sqft) with about 200 retailers and each MEGA centre benefits from an IKEA store as a powerful anchor, together with a food hypermarket and DIY store. MEGA enjoys 95% brand recognition in Russia, and it is the first name that comes to mind when consumers wish to go shopping.