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“The most exciting thing about my work is that you have the real chance to bring your ideas to life and realise yourself”

Anton, MEGA Nizhny Novgorod

The start of my relationship with MEGA dates back to the autumn of 2006. I was studying and working part-time in a cleaning company that serviced a new MEGA shopping centre in Nizhny Novgorod. I cleaned floors at night shifts, so the general saying, “his career began from the very bottom” clearly applies to me in every way. Some may say that it was not the most prestigious kind of work but I fell in love with the place nonetheless!

After my graduation, I got a job as an engineering specialist in a service company. The chief engineer of MEGA Nizhny Novgorod could see my work attitude every day and soon he offered me to become a part of MEGA administration’s team. In one year’s time I was responsible for all fire safety equipment— one of the most complex, large scale and interesting systems in our building.

What is the most exciting thing about working in IKEA Centres Russia? It is not only the trust people put in you or the responsibility that you have, but the real chance to bring your ideas to life, to express and realise yourself.

For example, I managed to successfully analyse and improve water consumption in MEGA Nizhny Novgorod and now we save over a million roubles per year. You can see the results of your work and it makes you feel proud.

What am I working on right now? Come and meet me, and I will tell you!

The work that changed my life

Eugenia, Human Resources function

My story started in the beginning of 2007. I started working in the MEGA Samara administration where I was responsible for coordinating the tenants’ construction works within our centre. My work gave me a great opportunity to participate in our company’s trainings. This is when I realized that I actually want to focus on conducting trainings in my future career development. I was so inspired that I decided to pursue my new dream and get a degree in psychology. I successfully graduated and for a while I even taught part time at the university.

In February 2011 MEGA Dybenko in Saint Petersburg offered me a temporary position as a tenant coordinator and soon they proposed to stay on a permanent basis. So my son and I moved to Saint Petersburg. Honestly, without the support of my company during the move, this process would have been much more stressful and time consuming.

Over the time I became a deputy operations manager. To be more efficient in what I was doing I decided to expand my knowledge in project management and enrolled at one of Saint Petersburg’s best business schools.

However, I did not give up my dream to be involved in organizing educational trainings. And soon my dream became a reality! One day I found out that our central office had an opening in human resources. I successfully passed all interviews and now here I am, in Khimki Business Park, doing what I love! I can openly say that the job in IKEA Centres Russia not only inspired me to unfold my potential — it literally changed my life!

I witnessed the start-up of IKEA Centres Russia

Andrey, Facility management department

I joined IKEA more than ten years ago, in August 2001. At that moment my area of responsibility was IKEA Teply Stan store in Moscow. I was in charge of the store technical maintenance, exterior cleaning and its overall viability on about thirty thousand square metres of property. Now, after thirteen years, this number has grown to more than two million square meters.

I can proudly say that I witnessed the first steps of IKEA Centres Russia. Even now I clearly remember the grand opening of MEGA Teply Stan: everyone worked hard to prepare for this historical moment for IKEA Centres Russia! It was great responsibility and honour because we were opening the first MEGA shopping centre in Russia. I can still recall how excited we all were.

I take this as a great example of our teamwork. I am most certain that thanks to our people, their professionalism and constant strive for improvement, IKEA Centres Russia will always remain the market leader.

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