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Does Ingka Centres in Russia have any specific requirements for candidates?

We are looking for down-to-earth, straightforward people who want to join our diverse team and share our spirit of openness, togetherness and trust.

We solve interesting and challenging tasks and we are not afraid of taking responsibility. That is why we would certainly discuss your professional skills during the job interview. And yet, the most important for us remains your personality and your approach towards work!

How many job interviews could I have after I applied for a vacancy?

We are interested to learn more about you as well as to give you an opportunity to see the people you would work together with. We may arrange from two to five meetings depending on the vacancy you are applying for. You would meet your prospective manager, our Human Resources expert and in some cases your functional manager. You might also have a job interview with the head of the unit or the shopping centre manager at the last stages of the recruitment process.

What kind of the leadership approach do you have in Ingka Centres?

Leading business and people together. We think of leadership in terms of approach, relationships and competence rather that focusing on the power of positions in hierarchies.

Our leaders value unique talents of every co-worker, encourage initiatives and inspire to grow.

Do you have a dress code in your company?

We believe that your attitude to work is more important than strict rules telling how you should dress. That is why in Ingka Centres we do not have a dress code. When meeting our partners and clients our co-workers are free to wear comfortable clothes appropriate for the specific occasion.

What kind of development opportunities does Ingka Centres in Russia offer?

We believe that every our co-worker is fully responsible for his or her professional and personal growth. You will have a chance to work in various functions of the company and discover career opportunities not only in your country but also abroad.

What learning opportunities does your company provide?

We have developed an extended training platform that offers our co-workers possibilities to expand their professional knowledge and stimulate their personal growth. These trainings are conducted by either our internal coaches or external educational companies.

What kind of co-worker events do you have in Ingka Centres in Russia?

We usually have a big party every year and all our co-workers are invited to attend. This happens either during summer or winter.

Every function has a team-building event once a year as well. This allows our co-workers to get to know each other, understand individual roles within the unit, become an efficient team which knows its goals and moves forward together.

Jobs available

Jobs available