Career areas

Work in MEGA

MEGA shopping centres’ teams are the driving forces of our business. There is a variety of roles within each MEGA team — experts managing relations with our partners and selling advertising space, engineers responsible for maintaining our buildings in a proper condition, marketing professionals working on our brand recognition and increasing loyalty of our customers at the local market and many other exciting roles!


We want Ingka Centres in Russia to be the best partner for both international and local brands. Our leasing team works on creation of the best tenant mix in our shopping centres and introduces new attractive brands to our customers.


Marketing team experts are responsible of developing our brand strategy, manage advertising, explore B2B and B2C opportunities and actively interact with social media. This ensures MEGA is the first name that comes to mind when customers wish to go shopping.

Construction and expansion

We are the sole developer of INGKA properties in Russia and we provide the full range of property services such as land acquisition and real estate development, construction and asset management.

Shopping centres concept

Our concept experts and architects work on designing and creating our shopping centres concept in order to make them as much attractive as possible for our customers and thus to ensure the high level of their commerciality.

Facility management

It is extremely important for us to make sure that our shopping centres are kept clean, safe and comfortable. Facility management works on development of maintenance regulations and service standards and, of course, monitor their implementation.


Our procurement team makes purchasing of all the necessary materials and services for lean and efficient work our centres. We aim at making the procurement process as transparent and reliable as possible and pay special attention to our suppliers’ reputation.


Finance team provides professional finance, accounting, tax and business navigation support and advice to our company. Our co-workers look after Ingka Centres in Russia financial requirements and provide support for strategic business decisions.


One of our core principles is to run our business in full accordance to the state laws and regulations and in compliance with the standards of our company’s business ethics. Our legal experts provide support to all functions and departments of Ingka Centres in Russia in every aspect of our business.

Human Resources

We have a strong belief that people are the key to our company success. Human Resources team helps our co-workers broaden their knowledge and grow both professionally and personally. We do our best to attract, develop and inspire new talents by following our motto — «As you grow, the company grows too!»