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From IKEA Centres to Ingka Centres

We changed our name to Ingka Centres as part of a global shift in the IKEA Group, which is now renamed to Ingka Group.

Over the years, Ingka Group has grown successfully by adding several business lines next to the retail business. Now the IKEA brand only refers to the core retail business of Ingka Group, and other Ingka businesses have their own identity.

The three businesses in Ingka Group are IKEA Retail, which operates 367 IKEA stores that each year receive 800 million visitors, with two billion visits to IKEA.com; Ingka Investments, whose main mission is to protect the financial independence of the group in the long term by investing in strategic businesses outside the pure retail; and us, Ingka Centres, owning 45 shopping centres in China, Europe, and Russia and welcoming 480 million visitors each year.

Due to our truly international and highly professional approach to business, we have quickly established ourselves as the largest shopping centre developer in Russia, with 14 centres in our portfolio and one yet to come.

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